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Our prices are very competative so it will be worth your while getting us to quote, our service is excellent and you get what you want and more !!!


Gone are the days of commercial photography being stuffy and starchy.  Today our executives are far more personable, approachable and relaxed and the same goes for staff.  It's important to reflect this with the images on your website, printed material and any other promotional material your company distributes.   For the smaller groups you are welcome to come to our studio where we will give you the right look after a thorough briefing to best interpret your expectations. For larger groups we come to you !  set-up a studio in your offices so as to cause little disruption to your working day. 

For your Products, we like to be briefed on your expectations and we take it from there,  we will make them both Funki and
Wow !  Our turn around time is second to none, no down time at Funki Fotos.

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